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What is a Defect?

  • A flaw or weakness in a system that causes the system to fail
  • Non-conformance to a standard
  • A disorder in the system or process which can cause a failure or discrepancy in the delivery of product or services.
  • Expectations are not meet.

A defect can be seen as an opportunity for improvement.

What causes a defect?

  • Incorrect information
  • Lack of skill/knowledge
  • lack of training
  • Proper monitory
  • Poor planning
  • Poor Execution

Defects caused by tighter internal tolerances

For example if your internal tolerance range for a dimension is more strict than that required /given by the customer, it might happen that you have a product which is no defect from the customers point of view, even though internally it would be a defect. In such a case there will be no costs because the product could be used and is matching all customers specifications, even though internally it would be defective.

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