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ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems

Food Safety Management is having its own management standard more commonly known as ISO 22000:2005. This standard has gained acceptance gradually and is being used in catering hospitality, healthcare, and other relevant sectors.

In the case of food safety management, there are certain important parameters such as proper labeling, proper storage, and proper disposal of food stuff which is recorded, documented, and audited for compliance requirements. If the specified industry is found to practice these standards in strict decorum and adheres to ensure that foods and food products are safe in the organization then the organization is likely to qualify for accreditation under ISO 22000:2005.

ISO 9001 vs ISO 22000

If one observes the standard and compares it to the parent version (ISO 9001:2008) one will see striking similarities in documentation, roles, and methodology of preventive and corrective action. The only difference is being that ISO 9001 is a generic standard whereas ISO 22000 is very specific to its domain industry.

One may rightly say that ISO 9001 is the skeleton framework of any quality management system and when applied specifically to a particular industry, the level of precision and standard of interpretation will change accordingly.


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