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The design and implementation of the QMS is influenced by objectives, products manufactured/provided, the processes used, and the size and structure of the Company.


  1. ISO 9000 Introduction, a Process approach.
  2. Gap Analysis: Schedule the Gap Analysis, Conduction and ISO 9001Gap Analysis.
  3. Prepare a Project Plan: The Team approach, Steering Team, Task Teams.
  4. Train employees on ISO 9001: Management Overview, Employee awareness, Keeping them informed.
  5. Document your system: How much Documentation do you need, Importance of Documentation control
  6. Implement the QMS in your Organization:Training on new procedures, Training of internal auditors.
  7. Audit your QMS: Train internal Auditors, Conduct Internal Audits.
  8. ISO 9001:2008 Registration Audit: Selecting a Registrar and then go ahead with registration.

Time frame for implementing ISO 9001

There really is no cookie cutter time frame for ISO implementation.It depends on the

  • nature of the organization,
  • processes involved,
  • commitment of your management and persons involved in core committee.
  • complexity of processes.
  • size and structure of the organization.

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