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What is Kaizen?

Move a mountain beginning with small stones.


It is derived from the Japanese words kai which means change or to correct and zen which means good),

  • Kaizen is a Japanese word means change for the better.
  • Kaizen is a participative and democratic approach that involves every employee - from upper management to lower staff.
  • Kaizen is a culture aimed at sustainable continuous improvement focusing on elimination of waste in all system and process.
  • Kaizen means working together to make large and significant improvement with small investment in time and money.


  • Reduces waste in the areas such as inventory, waiting times,transportation,worker motion,employee skills, etc
  • Improves space utilization,product quality, production capacity and employee retention.
  • Provides immediate results

Ground rules of Kaizen,

  • Don't try to justify the past challenge fixed ideas.
  • Be positive think how things CAN be done not why they CAN'T be done.
  • Use data, not theories
  • Use wisdom not money
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Set high standards
  • Correct failures immediately - 70% now is better than 100% never
  • Lead by example
  • A team is better than 1 expert involve people
  • Identify the root cause


Kaizen vs Six Sigma

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